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Ajit Joghi, past Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has encountered a cardiac arrest and is currently hospitalized in Raipur.

Ajit Joghi, past Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has encountered a cardiac arrest and is currently hospitalized in Raipur.

Citing information received from family of Ajit Joghi:-

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Ajit Joghi aged 74, encountered a cardiac arrest during his breakfast as stated by his wife Renu Joghi. She had also stated that he choked on tamarind seed while having his breakfast. She further reported he suddenly felt a pain in his chest making him hard to breathe and had choked on the seed. It was also reported that he had encountered cardiac arrest while being sat in his home garden on Saturday 12.30 p.m. 

Thereafter, he was rushed to the Shree Narayan Hospital that is situated in Raipur for his further treatment. It was also reported by the hospital in a bulletin that Ajit Joghi was given emergency treatment first in his residence. It was stated that he went through cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) given by a senior intensivist and then rushed to hospital for further treatment.

Ajit Joghi’s current health status:-

It was issued by Shree Narayan Hospital in a bulletin that Ajit Joghi suffering cardiac arrest is normal than his initial state. The ECG and pulse from his initial emergency condition is becoming normal. This also means that the heartbeats are reaching a normal state. Though it has been stated that his respiration has still not reached normal and he is lying with a critical condition and taking the support of Ventilator.

Ajit Joghi’s son has also reached Raipur learning about his health deterioration from Bilaspur. The current Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel had a conversation with Amit Joghi regarding his treatment too. He had assured Amit Jogi that the state will make sure about everything needed in the treatment of his father, Ajit Joghi. Bhupesh Baghel had also posted a tweet regarding Ajit Joghi’s fast health recovery and the call with his son, Amit Joghi. 

Some of the political history of Ajit Joghi:-

Ajit Joghi is known to be a part of the Indian National Congress and had provided his service as the first Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. His service years were for a time period from November 2000 to November 2003 as a part of Congress, after the formation of the new state. However, he and his son were accused by the party of having their hands into setting up the election of 2014. This led to the expulsion of Ajit Joghi from the party in the year 2016.

The last Assembly had also witnessed a joint alliance of Ajit Joghi and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party; however they did not incur any success. It was noted that BSP contested among 90 seats for 35 seats in the elections conducted in Ajit Joghi’s state. It was also reported that the his Party qualified in the elections to contest for 55 seats. The coalition also witnessed seven seats from which 2 were of BSP. 

Ajit Joghi however, has moved forward for making a new party of himself alone named the Chhattisgarh Jogi Congress (JCCJ) party. 

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