Ahsaas Channa urges to support the families of artisans during covid-19 while supporting the house of artisans

Ahsaas Channa in her recent post had created awareness about the problems faced by artisans during the ongoing lockdown. She portrayed the situation very well while urging to donate for their families through a house of artisans. She had even conveyed a great concept by telling even at least 100 bucks could be a great help which is spent on beer.

About the Instagram post shared by Ahsaas Channa:-

Ahsaas Channa in her recent post created awareness about the problems faced by Indian artisans. She had also urged them to support them through the house of artisans. Ahsaas Channa in her video mentioned that artisans do play a very important role in how the world sees India. She said that these artisans and their families are very badly hit due to the ongoing lockdown

The reason being they don’t come under the category of migrant workers as well as daily wage workers. The two categories where funds are being received, as a consequence they are made to take loans from money lenders at high prices. 

Ahsaas Channa even highlighted a shocking fact that for surviving, they are giving their daughters for Rs. 4,200 per month. She proceeded further while telling that one can actually make a donation of the cost for beer. She also conveyed the beautiful concept of donating beer which means the Rs 100 used for buying a beer bottle can be donated.

 She had even stated that as soon as she came to know about the fact of their daughters, she immediately supported the house of artisans. She later on conveyed that the top 3 donors supporting the house of artisans shall get a customized gift and a note from her. 

She had captioned about the same and told a family of artisans can get 3 meals out of Rs.140. She had even mentioned the house of artisans is supporting around 200 artisans trapped in a web of lifelong debt. 

The message by Ahsaas Channa had surely a great impact as the video had been poured with comments to thank her for sharing information and for donations. They have been successful in creating livelihood for 200 rural artisans in the last 2 years by giving them employment. 

The rural artisans are majorly from interior villages of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar and UP, creating unique handmade products.  

About House of artisans and the initiative to raise funds for artisans:-

The house of artisans makes sure that all the necessities for the work of products made by artisans like communication, design and creation process are facilitated effectively. This enables the work and story behind each product made by artisans to reach effectively to the customer. 

The house of artisans also makes sure that the increasing family needs and education needs of the growing number of artisans, joining, are met effectively. The initiative to raise funds for artisans has been supported by Upaya social venture and NASSCOM 10K startups, on the Keto fundraising platform. 

The fundraising initiative is taken after observing that these artisans for livelihood have been paying 120% p.a. The situation is so worse that they have no livelihood, basic amenities or raw material. 

They have also been observed to give their daughters in exchange for the same as they are left to beg or borrow. The initiative has received around Rs 10, 63,950 while their goal is for Rs 50, 00,000.  

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