Labour day

A huge thanksgiving on Labour day to the diligent workforce (Labours) of India.

Happy Labours day and A Big thanks to all Labours for making our world Beautiful.

Labours are like the shadows to the economy; their presence is not seen but the work they deliver accounts largely to the economy. The International Labour day or the Kamgar Din is just like that light which outshines their work to the country. It is the day of recognition for the labor they deliver and the invaluable services they render to us.

The international Labour day has a bright history in itself and a meaningful origin: the Labour Day which was first started in Chicago in May 1886, has united laborers globally to one thread of strength and emotion. It is celebrated all over the world in its own unique way, recognizing the hard work delivered by the laborers. In India too it’s celebrated as a national holiday and with a lot of small events happening for them. 

the Labour day was first started in India in Madras by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan, for the welfare of workers. This day plays a prominent role in making laborers aware that they are special to the country. Labours usually belong to lower socio-economic class and looked down upon by many rigid minded people. This in turn had given momentum to the idea of International labour day. 

The story behind the International labour day dates back during industrialization, workers were not offered proper wages, long 15 hours working hours and no paid leaves. The general strike is commemorated at Chicago as the Haymarket Affair on May 1. It had a blood-shredded history as during the strike, an unknown man threw a bomb on police. This led to an instant reflex and police fired on the crowd leading to a massacre. 

This day has its own reasons for celebration all over the world but the reason of disrespect of laborers remains the same. The first time when Labor Day was declared in India, two meetings were organized raising awareness about it. The first was in Triplicane beach and the other was at a beach opposite Madras High court. 

The significance of the day remains behind the idea it is celebrated for. The workers had conducted the strike at the Haymarket for 8 hour jobs, recreation and rest. This day symbolizes a joint tribute from the country to the hands in work. It is accompanied with a holiday to spread the message to workers for spending time with their family and themselves as they have toiled a lot for the country.

The labor delivered by the worker is looked down upon for its wages and work environment. There are even most of the youths who don’t even consider it as a career option. The increase in the number of people leaving this profession for other vocations is also one of the reasons to create awareness through the day. It creates a sense of belongingness in laborers towards the country and with pride carry out their profession. 

The constitution has many acts and rights for the laborers and there are several workers’ parties. These all work for the financial, health and welfare issues for the laborers. The fact remains no constitutional right but we ourselves can create awareness and feelings of pride in our mind for laborers.

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