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Heartwarming update- online ticket bookings starts from 21st May, list of 200 trains released by the Railways.

Railways had released an addition of 200 trains to be run along with existing special trains and Shramik trains. The advance bookings start from 21st May from 10 a.m. onwards, for the booking of trains running from June 1. The train list includes many of the popular trains as well as there are some revised rules too. 

About the announcement of 200 train list released by Railways:-

The Railways had released a 200 train list on 20th May, while conveying the message that they shall run from June 1. It was also mentioned that the booking for the 200 train list shall commence from 10 a.m. on 21st May. The 200 train list consists of special trains and would not be affecting the existing train services.

 The 200 special trains are an addition to the Shramik trains which are running as well as those 30 special trains running since May 12. The long 200 train list is also inclusive of Sampark Kranthi, Jan Shatabdis, Durontos and Poorva Express.

The revised rules pertaining to the travel in trains included in the 200 train list:-

The trains were initially announced as Non-Ac but later, it has been announced, it shall have both AC and Non-AC coaches. It was also announced that the coaches including General (GS) would be fully reserved. It has also been stated that second seating (2S) would be charged to the passengers travelling in General coach. The booking of the Railways tickets as previously mentioned would be conducted only through an online process, through website or app. 

The tickets apart from online bookings would not be available at the ticket counters. The ARP (advance reservation period), maximum shall be observed till next 30 days. The waiting list would also be generated for the passengers, however the passengers mentioned in it won’t be allowed aboard. There shall be no issuance of unreserved (UTS) tickets for the passengers that have boarded.

 There is also no permission given to the bookings for premium Tatkal and Tatkal bookings along with it. The guidelines should be followed and screening process shall take place, along with it download of Arogya Setu App shall be mandatory too. 

It has also been reported that the Shramik trains shall be doubled to 400 per day on a daily basis with a view to transport stranded migrants and labourers effectively.

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