Shocking news-A girl in Bois Locker Room, with a fake account as a boy.

The case of Bois locker room went through investigation and many of the participants have been found but a Snapchat conversation got a lot of significance. This conversation was done by two people as seen in the screenshot, but in reality there was a girl behind the boy’s account.

 About Bois Locker Room:-

Bois locker Room is a private Instagram account having participants as a bunch of South Delhi boys. This group came into light when it went public and a fellow classmate of two of the boys shared the dark details of it. It came into focus that it was a sex chat room and there were other malpractices conducted too. The group was filled with obscene comments, morphed pictures as well as of nudes of underage girls. 

As soon as the screenshots tweeted by the girl who found the group’s secret, there were investigations conducted to track down the boys. It was also revealed the bunch of toxic misogynistic boys used to casually talk about raping a girl and objectify girls.

Police Investigation on the Bois Locker Room:-

The Bois Locker Room admin traced down to live in Noida was arrested for creating such a group and motivating such obscene. The admin was in the grade 12 and was aged above 18 years. In the incident, there were more than 24 participants connected to it that was traced down, in a process of investigation. Further for investigation, they were questioned, interviewed and their devices were seized for further forensic analysis,

It was also revealed that the Bois Locker Room not only had such obscene chat. They also threatened the girls to leak their nudes who were revealing information on the group. The group as the consequence got deleted but got created again on Snapchat. Anyesh Roy, Deputy Commissioner of Police stated that they are making efforts to trace the members and Instagram could only gather partial information of three accounts.  

It has also been reported that one such minor was caught and strict actions were taken against him. The others are traced through information gathered by educational institutes and member’s acquaintances and families. 

A flabbergasting fact revealed from the Bois Locker Room:-

It was seen that a screenshot carried a plan discussed on aggressive rape assault by two of the members out of the various conversations. It was stated by Deputy Commissioner of Police of cyber cell (DCP) it was mixed with other screenshots on the net but now came into light. The boy who had commenced the conversation was a boy named Siddharth on the Snapchat conversation. 

The investigation revealed that it turned out to be the same girl who the fake account was talking to be raped. The girl was questioned for making a fake account and planning her own rape. The girl revealed it was her effort to measure the strength of the character the boy held and test his reaction if someone speaks about her to him in this manner. The boy (receiver) had discontinued the chat with her fake account.

The aftermath of the conversation by the minor, a member of Bois Locker Room:-

The investigation had revealed that both the minors were from the same vicinity. The boy with whom the chat commenced immediately took the screenshot of it. He then sent the screenshot to other members as well as to the girl when he was unaware that she was behind it.

 It was also reported that police after finding the truth did not take any action against the girl. The reason being it was wrong for using a fake ID but the purpose behind it was not so impactful 

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