#935 days started to trend over various issues raised by Public Sector Banks.

The Twitter had witnessed a protest of #935Days along with many of its users asking questions and raising concerns over Public Sector Banks. 

Condition of banks that had raised the hash tag #935Days:-

The 935 days in the #935Days denotes the days of the last 3 years from which banks’ employees had not received a pay hike in the public sector. It has been reported that they had not got any conclusions even after several discussions between the United Forum of Bank Unions, Indian Banking Association (IBA) and PSBs trade union. 

These inconveniences were questioned by the users over the Department of Financial Services also. The questions were especially raised by the bankers of these Public Sector bank maintain a protest through the #935Days sending various charts, estimations, memes etc. 

The Indian Bank Associations (IBA) is always been represented by Trade Unions regarding any wage hike. It was also reported that, considering the present situation, he disagreed for a hike of 20% as suggested by Unions over payslip components. 

However, the IBA had also put forth a suggestion for a 12.25% increase but was denied by Unions. The Twitter handles also put #935Days along with the ratio of public and private banks to show the reason for the trend. 

#YouFailedBankers trending along with #935Days:-

It was also observed that along with #935Days there was another hash tag been represented. The Twitter handles alongside also represented #YouFailedBankers. This hash tag was tagged along side #935Days to convey to the Government that it had failed to create relief for bankers. This was done with a view to convey the ongoing situation during Covid-19 as they have to interact with customers. 

While conveying it they raised the estimations of the number of bank employees being infected of the disease. Bank employees have rendered their services even in testing times and facilitating people so #YouFailedBankers is trending. They had pointed out different distress through various Tweets with #935Days. 

The issues rose by Bank Unions even before the #935Days:-

The Bank Unions had raised the issues previously in the year too and had declared protests. They have been raising many issues along with pay hikes like, including various other allowances, five-day banking and scrapping of the New Pension Scheme. 

The other issues enlisted were exemption from Retiral Benefit’s income tax, pension updating and shortage of staff combined with multiple Government schemes. They had even raised issues as similar level Government departments and institutions are above the level from the banks’ prevailing levels right now.  

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