Remdesivir drug Covid-19

The trials of Remdesivir show a positive effect against Covid-19, fuelling hopes.

Amidst the fast pacing cases and mounting deaths the trials of Remdesivir drug on covid-19 patients proved positive. The drug does not kill the virus completely but after trials it has proven to reduce time of the virus making it weak. However, Researchers say it is not the goal but a milestone to research effective […]

Rohit sharma birthday

Rohit Sharma, India’s hit man Ultimate 33, with his jaw dropping centuries.

Rohit Sharma turned 33 on Thursday, this young cricketer has been known to hit centuries. This year he celebrated his birthday with his family, while in the last twelve years he celebrated amidst Indian Premier League seasons. Rohit Sharma has earned a large fan following with his remarkable centuries and hits. The whole crowd breathes […]

Covid-19 cases

Covid-19: India crossed the huge no.of 31000 , in the last 24 hours cases increased.

 The covid-19 cases increase and cross the 31000 cases, reaching an alarming figure of 31,332. The death rates as updated by the health ministry of India reach 1,007 deaths. India has recorded the highest recorded cases by states of cases in the past 24 hrs. reaching a total of 1,897. India reported a spike of […]